God’s Prayer

Yesterday I attended the Celebration of Spiritual Awakenings meetup. I was introduced to some interesting, talented, and simply amazing people.

One of those folks read her new poem and its sentiments resonated strongly with me.

Here it is:

God’s Prayer

As I take a look around me
I know that God is here
In the rocks, the trees, and the air that I breathe
That Presence is more than just “near”

I am a child of my Father
An expression of His Grace
As I pray my prayer to the Lord of All
I can feel Him right here in this place

God’s Life is everywhere present
I know It’s the Source of me
As I ask for my prayer to be answered
I find—in the asking—the key

When I make my request, the door opens
I can reach out and touch my desire
As I focus that feeling inside of me
It’s as if I’ve discovered fire!

My desire comes from my Father
He provides it to help us both grow
As the Source of ALL creation
Desire springs forth the Flow

As I express my desire to my Father
I come ‘round full circle, you see
I don’t need to fear that my prayer won’t be heard
Because God prays His own prayer…through me

Sandra A Daly
Copyright 2009

The Prayer for Protection

I’ve gotten into the habit of chanting the following when I’m lying in bed:

The Light of God surrounds me;
The Love of God enfolds me;
The Power of God protects me;
The Presence of God watches over me;
Wherever I am, God is!
And, all is well!

The aforementioned is known as the Prayer for Protection and it was written by James Dillet Freeman, a prolific poet, essayist, and columnist. I think some folks at Unity, who Freeman wrote for, added the last line, which sits well with me.

I’m somewhat familiar with the prayer, but because I was going to blog about it tonight, I thought I’d Google it. It was a fascinating and worthwhile search, one which I had to finally stop so that I could get to bed sometime while it was still Tuesday!

I learned some interesting history about the prayer, including that it was written for all soldiers during World War II, and there is a long version. “Prayer for Protection” is one of two Freeman compositions carried to the moon by Apollo astronauts. Mr. Freeman served Unity School of Christianity, the parent organization of the worldwide Unity movement, as a teacher, writer and speaker, and was an adventurous, spiritual, colorful character. Click here to read more about James Dillet Freeman.

I have found the prayer quite helpful. When I’m lying in bed with my mind still racing at 100 miles an hour, repeating the prayer several times calms me down and I soon fall fast asleep. If I feel fearful, it gets me back on track, for when God is everywhere that I am and all is well, what else matters? Therein is faith, and, where there is faith, fear can not exist.

To that I say, “Amen!” and “Goodnight!”

As We Gather ‘Round…

Two years ago I first heard May the Light of Love, written and performed by David Roth at a New Thought Songwriters Tribute performance. Ever since then, I have felt that listening to or singing it as a group would be a great segue to breaking bread at the Thanksgiving Day feast. Alas, it has not happened yet, but I still count it as my special Thanksgiving prayer.

The music is upbeat and folksy, and the lyrics are precious and pretty much say it all for me. I share it here with you now… enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving!

May the Light of Love by David Roth

As we come around to take our places at the table
A moment to remember and reflect upon our wealth
Here’s to loving friends and family, here’s to being able
To gather here together in good company and health.

And may we be released from all those feelings that would harm us
May we have the will to give them up and get them gone
For heavy are the satchels full of anger and false promise
May we have the strength to put them down.

May the light of love be shining deep within your spirit
May the torch of mercy clear the path and show the way
May the horn of plenty sound so everyone can hear it
May the light of love be with you everyday.

And may we wish the best for everyone that we encounter
May we swallow pride and may we do away with fear
For it’s only what we do not know that we have grown afraid of
And only what we do not choose to hear.

May the light of love be shining deep within your spirit
May the torch of mercy clear the path and show the way
May the horn of plenty sound so everyone can hear it
May the light of love be with you everyday.

And as we bless our daily bread and drink our day’s libation
May we be reminded of the lost and wayward soul
The hungry and the homeless that we have in every nation
May we fill each empty cup and bowl.

May nothing ever come between or threaten to divide us
May we never take for granted all the gifts that we’ve received
Being ever mindful of the unseen hands that guide us
And the miracles that cause us to believe.

May the light of love be shining deep within your spirit
May the torch of mercy clear the path and show the way
May the horn of plenty sound so everyone can hear it
May the light of love be with you everyday.

May the horn of plenty sound so everyone can hear it
May the light of love be with you
May the light of love be with you
May the light of love be with you everyday.

© 1986 May the Light Music (ASCAP)

I am Willing

Dear God,

I am willing to be at peace.
I am willing to look at all things through eyes of love.
I am willing to be everything I can be.
I am willing to be healed.
I am willing to serve.
I am willing to release the past.
I am willing to live full-out.
I am willing to surrender my ego.
I am willing to be illumined.
I am willing to represent Your love.
I am willing to forgive myself and all others.
I am willing to share my abundance
I am willing to love.
I am willing to be all that I am.
Use me, Holy Spirit.
I am willing.
Thank You.

– Ric Beattie

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

Before my head hits the pillow at night, I find it helpful to constructively review my day.

I think about how I was as a person, i.e., how I treated all those I came into contact with. Was I kind and loving? Helpful? Could I have improved upon my behavior, my thinking? And, I make a list (mentally or in my journal) of the blessings. It is fascinating to look at something that initially seems like a negative and realize that it was really a blessing. There is a blessing in everything if I’m conscious.

This day, I think I was pretty ‘clean’ in how I treated all those I came into contact with. In particular, in a delicate situation, I was gentle and diplomatic as I posed a personal question to an acquaintance, and it was with the idea of helping her.

Ten blessings of this day for which I am grateful:
1. Morning coffee time with Rog where we talk mostly about Spirit
2. Hot shower
3. Receiving a check in the mail
4. Attended a planning meeting for a women’s workshop which further fostered two blooming friendships
5. Coffee with a friend at an outdoor café and caught up on her life and the world of real estate
6. Meditation and quiet time
7. Solo morning drive in which I got to sing to spiritual music, a form of prayer for me
8. Initiated getting together with someone outside of our business meetings in order to get to know one another better – and was warmly received
9. Reliable car filled with fuel
10. Evening dinner date with Rog

Coming up with a gratitude list makes me pause and reflect. It reveals to me that I have much to be thankful for. I find it a terrific exercise for my soul and, anytime I am feeling down, making a gratitude list lifts my spirit.

Now, to laying my head on that pillow…

Keeping an Eye Out

Dear God, I am grateful for many things in my life. Please help me to be aware of and focus on all of the synchronicity and positive things that I encounter each day. Let me be mindful of others who might be in pain or who concentrate on the negative and offer prayers or words of encouragement to help them see beyond the illusion. Amen.

Coming upon the aforementioned prayer this morning was synchronistic itself! It is from the website of Christel Nani, a medical intuitive.

Weeks ago, a friend forwarded Christel’s September article on Energetic Patterns of Breast Cancer. I read it just this morning, was led to check out Christel’s site, and found her prayer list page. This was the prayer for this week.

It had meaning for me – synchronicity is ‘in the eye of the beholder’ – because the topic of last week’s Gilbert Spirituality meeting was synchronicity, I’ve been writing about synchronicity in this blog, and now, this day, I “just so happen” to read the old email that led me to a weekly prayer that “just so happen” to be on synchronicity – that’s how it works!

I am grateful for another occurrence of synchronicity and to be reminded to keep an eye out for it throughout my day, which means keeping a lookout for God.