“In loving others, I am doing that which brings me closest to God, for God is love.” – Excerpt from Today’s Daily Word, May 21, 2010

My loving others took some novel forms for me yesterday. In the morning, I did my first volunteer session at the Humane Society of Sedona. I got to be with Beeker, a canine who’s been living there for about two months.

He’s still a bit wary of humans, but when my mentor told me he loves affection, I exclaimed, “We’re a match!” Beeker enjoys his new temporary home and doesn’t like to go very far from it. Hence, my walking him turned out to be a bust but that simply gave us the opportunity to just socialize.

I spent about 30” with Beeker, keeping him company, petting him almost continuously, talking to him and telling him he was a good boy. I was simply loving him. I opened my heart and poured out to him kindness, caring, compassion, and hope for a better life in the future than what he’d lived in the past.

In the evening, during choir practice, one of the members’ children was playing outside and scraped her knee. Somehow I got involved in taking care of her wound, but I certainly didn’t mind. Tara is part of our Unity family and so it’s natural – and an honor – to pitch in and help. She appeared fine emotionally, but still I opened my heart to her as I gave first aid.

It’s “interesting” that yesterday God’s plan was to open me to two populations – both vulnerable ones – I’ve not had as part of my regular life, both in the same day. It was an adventure and an opportunity for me to love others and bring me closer to God.

And, it is not lost on me that it was also a way of loving the little girl within. We are all wounded in some way, but God’s love shining through other beings brightens our life and helps heal us all.

The Spiritual Waters of Life

I am driving my 2003 silver Camry with Rog in the front passenger seat and an unknown male in the seat behind the driver. I make a right-hand turn to head toward the ocean and I see there is a wall, so I need to redirect. I go back and then make another right-hand turn. The beach and the ocean are visible but I will have to drive through a brief distance of about 2-feet of deep water before I can reach dry land. There are people on the other side of the water who want to cross it, but they are uncertain that they can make it through.

I feel calm. I ask my passengers to help me raise the car off the ground (like Fred Flintstone used to) so that the water won’t ruin the car. They readily respond and we easily make it to the beach to drive along the shoreline, parallel to the ocean. The people who were waiting to see if we could succeed are reassured by our demonstration and feel that now they can do what we have done.

Rog and I sorted out my dream during this morning’s coffee time.

As the driver of the car, I was independent, self confident, and responsible for the direction of my life. Because water can take any shape or move in many ways, how we relate to it indicates how we are meeting our emotions and moods. In the dream, I felt calm when I encountered obstacles. I recognized I needed help, and I easily asked for and accepted it.

I had the sense that the unknown male passenger was God. So it was God and Rog (my beloved husband and twin flame), the two closest beings in my life, that I asked for help. I asked and I received, and all flowed easily.

Throughout my adult life, due to childhood experiences, it has been difficult for me to ask for help. As a child, if I actually did ask for help, I oftimes felt let down. I had also been a devout atheist for about 1/3 of my life, feeling that I could rely only on me. In this dream, my facing obstacles in a calm way and easily asking people and God for help indicates that I’ve made the shift most importantly on the subconscious level.

Thinking of being a demonstration to others in the dream makes me smile. Since coming to believe in God, I have endeavored to be of service. I see that my life purpose to help empower other people is being realized in both the dream and waking states.

I appreciate the confirmation that all is well in the spiritual waters of my life. Thank You, Spirit!

Worry, Sworry!

I awoke in a state of fear and worry. I hadn’t felt that way for quite some time, I’m glad to say.

Worried about finances, worried that I didn’t yet send out an anniversary card, worried that I still needed to respond to emails, worried that a contract wouldn’t come through, worried that the contract would come through… You know, Worried with a capital ‘W’. So silly of me – I should know better (I still have a little ‘shoulding’ work to complete). And, I do, intellectually.

Well, intellectually doesn’t do it for me. So what then does? Replacing worry and fear with faith. Faith with a capital ‘F’. So, I straightened out my desk! Okay, I know that’s not what’d you’d think of vis-à-vis faith, but I did feel better getting organized and seeing a lot more desk surface!

Moving on, I wrote an email to a person going through her own doubts and concerns and felt better connecting with another soul and being of service. I wrote in my email about knowing that Spirit was in charge and when I stay focused on that, I know and feel (ah, here we go now, getting to the heart) all is well. And, of course, that’s true.

Next, I picked up my morning inspirational readings and one of them hit the nail on the head:

In Daily Guideposts 2008, Dolphus Weary included in his story: “Peace grew in my heart from knowing that God is in control and that He provided all that we had and all that we would need.”

[A little synchronistic, you think?…]

And, I meditated to get to the silence within, where there is truly peace and I am at one with God.

These are but a few ways that I can get back to the Truth (with a capital ‘T’). There are many ways for me to get caught by my ego and let worry and fear run riot. But the ways to get back to the Truth are far more powerful than they and at my fingertips always. I just have to remember to ask God for help and take the steps that I can.

Thank You, Spirit, for always uplifting me when I call out to you.

The Time Has Come


matters spiritual

Well, it seems that it is time to really start reaching out to others (and myself) to help with connecting to Spirit. Every time that I do, my soul is enriched, my heart expanded, and I am of service. Surely this is good, this is a “God thing”, this is God’s will.

This spiritual being having a human experience so very much needs to be reminded that it is a spirit first, God first. It too often and quickly gets caught up in the matters of the outside world, the physical “stuff.” I know that there is so much more to life – to being – than the physical and oh so want to be focused on that and in the flow.

If you need someone to talk to about matters spiritual, I am here. I am an ear that will listen whilst I hold a sacred space for you to be. Together we will meet God and commune. It will be a privilege and honor to share this time with you. Thank you. You can leave a comment or email me.

Namasté (I respect that divinity within you that is also within me.)