Spiritual Prescription

Last night I watched the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie “My Name is Bill W.”, the story of the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. I have often heard it said in the 12 Step rooms that the coming together of Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith and their formulation of the 12 Step principles was a miracle. And many others describe AA as the greatest spiritual movement of the 20th century. I’d have to agree.

This coming June will be the 75th anniversary of the start of AA… and this March marks 20 years that I first stepped into the rooms of another Anonymous program.

Not only did I get help with the physical issue of my eating disorder, but even more importantly, I got the spiritual help my soul was crying out for (unbeknownst to me). As I’ve learned, whatever manifests in the physical is the end result of something spiritual in nature. And, a foundation for living was given to me; I am so grateful for the guidance.

Bill W. wrote in the September 1947 issue of Guideposts the following:

“Our most enthusiastic friends think Alcoholics Anonymous is a modern miracle. So they ask, “Why can’t A.A. principles be applied to any personal problem?” The world today is a problem world because it is full of problem people. We are now on the greatest emotional bender of all time; practically no one of us is free from the tightening coils of insecurity, fear, resentment and avarice. If A.A. can revive an alcoholic by removing these paralyzing liabilities from him, it must be strong medicine. Perhaps the rest of us could use the same prescription.”

Surely these days there are many going through life without a compass. Especially in these accelerated and crazy times, a spiritual prescription is the key for waking up and living in joy, peace, and love regardless of outer appearances.

The Spiritual Waters of Life

I am driving my 2003 silver Camry with Rog in the front passenger seat and an unknown male in the seat behind the driver. I make a right-hand turn to head toward the ocean and I see there is a wall, so I need to redirect. I go back and then make another right-hand turn. The beach and the ocean are visible but I will have to drive through a brief distance of about 2-feet of deep water before I can reach dry land. There are people on the other side of the water who want to cross it, but they are uncertain that they can make it through.

I feel calm. I ask my passengers to help me raise the car off the ground (like Fred Flintstone used to) so that the water won’t ruin the car. They readily respond and we easily make it to the beach to drive along the shoreline, parallel to the ocean. The people who were waiting to see if we could succeed are reassured by our demonstration and feel that now they can do what we have done.

Rog and I sorted out my dream during this morning’s coffee time.

As the driver of the car, I was independent, self confident, and responsible for the direction of my life. Because water can take any shape or move in many ways, how we relate to it indicates how we are meeting our emotions and moods. In the dream, I felt calm when I encountered obstacles. I recognized I needed help, and I easily asked for and accepted it.

I had the sense that the unknown male passenger was God. So it was God and Rog (my beloved husband and twin flame), the two closest beings in my life, that I asked for help. I asked and I received, and all flowed easily.

Throughout my adult life, due to childhood experiences, it has been difficult for me to ask for help. As a child, if I actually did ask for help, I oftimes felt let down. I had also been a devout atheist for about 1/3 of my life, feeling that I could rely only on me. In this dream, my facing obstacles in a calm way and easily asking people and God for help indicates that I’ve made the shift most importantly on the subconscious level.

Thinking of being a demonstration to others in the dream makes me smile. Since coming to believe in God, I have endeavored to be of service. I see that my life purpose to help empower other people is being realized in both the dream and waking states.

I appreciate the confirmation that all is well in the spiritual waters of my life. Thank You, Spirit!