Thanksgiving Day Reminiscence

Well, it definitely was not anything near a usual Thanksgiving Day for me yesterday as I worked a good portion of the day to get a project done. I had hoped to relax, watch some movies, and simply be with Rog.

How do you make God laugh? Tell Him your plans!

Well, while T-Day didn’t turn out the way I’d planned, I still want to hold a positive, uplifting, attitude of gratitude towards it. We went to Rog’s mom for lunch – I am grateful to G (as she is affectionately called) for her generous spirit. She did a lot to prepare for our visit and meal. It was most appreciated.

I am grateful for the weather here in Gilbert, Arizona. It wasn’t the usual, as it was alternately cloudy, stormy, and sunny. However, it reminded me of a real autumn day, like I used to enjoy back east.

I am grateful for the specialness of this particular holiday as no other, for it is the one in which my friends – most of who are scattered across the country – and I call one another simply to say “I love you.” Sure, we say that to one another throughout the year, but it’s always a bit more special on Thanksgiving Day. We’re saying something more than “I love you;” we’re saying, “I’m grateful you are alive and you are in my life.” How precious.

This was the 5th Thanksgiving that my beloved life partner and I were together. When planning the Thanksgiving festivities in years past often proved to be emotionally straining as I yearned for the arrival of my true partner, I’m grateful that Rog and I finally found one another and that he has been a loving constant in my life since 2004. And this is something I am grateful for not just on Thanksgiving Day but everyday.

My Gratitude List

I’m grateful for:

  • Skype (online instant messaging and calling program)
  • eBay (online marketplace where I can purchase goods)
  • PayPal (I can invoice clients online)
  • Constant Contact (a fun online program I use to create electronic newsletters)
  • Google (what would any of us do without it?!)

Real spiritual, huh?

Well, you see I’m a computer geek AND a people person – unusual combo, I know. So the aforementioned is the geek coming out in me.

On the other side of the coin, I’m grateful for:

  • Conscious contact with Spirit and our ever-deepening connection
  • Being together with my beloved twin flame, life partner, and husband, Rog, in this lifetime
  • Knowing what’s truly important in life
  • Dear friends
  • Moving forward in my spiritual coaching professional practice
  • Good physical health
  • Phoenix weather
  • Laughter
  • Singing
  • Being a good listener (some times better than other times)
  • Being a trustworthy friend
  • The ability to hold a sacred place for others and help empower them as they walk their path.

The list really could go on and on. It’s always up to me as to how I view this world, my life. I can come from a victim standpoint, or I can seize the moment and look at my entire life as a blessing that has me exuding gratitude every moment. It’s always a choice. Having choices is another thing that I’m grateful for.

I am reminded of the following lyrics from A Course in Miracles, put to music by Jeff Olmsted:

Love is the way I walk in gratitude. Love… is the way I walk.

Hmm… Love and gratitude. Now, that’s not an unusual combination at all!