Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

Before my head hits the pillow at night, I find it helpful to constructively review my day.

I think about how I was as a person, i.e., how I treated all those I came into contact with. Was I kind and loving? Helpful? Could I have improved upon my behavior, my thinking? And, I make a list (mentally or in my journal) of the blessings. It is fascinating to look at something that initially seems like a negative and realize that it was really a blessing. There is a blessing in everything if I’m conscious.

This day, I think I was pretty ‘clean’ in how I treated all those I came into contact with. In particular, in a delicate situation, I was gentle and diplomatic as I posed a personal question to an acquaintance, and it was with the idea of helping her.

Ten blessings of this day for which I am grateful:
1. Morning coffee time with Rog where we talk mostly about Spirit
2. Hot shower
3. Receiving a check in the mail
4. Attended a planning meeting for a women’s workshop which further fostered two blooming friendships
5. Coffee with a friend at an outdoor café and caught up on her life and the world of real estate
6. Meditation and quiet time
7. Solo morning drive in which I got to sing to spiritual music, a form of prayer for me
8. Initiated getting together with someone outside of our business meetings in order to get to know one another better – and was warmly received
9. Reliable car filled with fuel
10. Evening dinner date with Rog

Coming up with a gratitude list makes me pause and reflect. It reveals to me that I have much to be thankful for. I find it a terrific exercise for my soul and, anytime I am feeling down, making a gratitude list lifts my spirit.

Now, to laying my head on that pillow…