Pearls of Wisdom

The last week has been wild and wonderful, full of God and synchronicity as Rog and I get closer to the trustee sale date of our cozy Gilbert home and seek the next place to hang our hats to be located in the Verde Valley. We’re pretty peaceful as we get guidance, take action, then await results. Still, as we get closer to the wire (mid-May), I sometimes feel a tinge of fear, a fear of the unknown in a particularly serious life situation.

Today I remembered some concepts I first heard years ago in 12 Step meetings which immediately bolstered my faith, leaving no place for its opposite (fear).

“God hasn’t brought me this far to leave me now.” Oh, yes, yes! How uplifting, how true!

We’re looking to barter our talents and services for rent, not the most conventional situation. Three days ago we thought our next home might be a classroom in a historic elementary school that is to be converted into a country inn. Then it looked like it might be a 900 sq ft funky house, and this morning it looked like it might be a 1200 sq ft cottage and greenhouse on 5 acres near a river. We progressed from one possibility to the next and all are still viable, but we’ve no clear path here yet. And so, as I noticed the progressive order of one housing possibility to the next, I remembered that if one thing doesn’t materialize it means that “God’s got something better in store.”

I have always been grateful for the many pearls of wisdom I’ve heard in 12 Step Program. I am particularly grateful now to be remembering these to help me as I venture into a new territory of life experience.