Photo of Joyce S. KayeJoyce S. Kaye was born in the Big Apple and departed for wider horizons when she was just entering her 4th decade of life. She first settled briefly in Taos, NM, then Santa Fe, subsequently Phoenix, AZ (Gilbert in the East Valley), and finally in Sedona (AKA Paradise). She moved back to the Phoenix area in late 2015 in search of greater opportunities in both her career and personal life. As of July 2021, Joyce calls Prescott, AZ home.

She has a very eclectic background. Her undergrad degree from York College, CUNY is in philosophy and sociology with a minor in psych. She spent 20 years in the corporate world, working in the railroad industry, then moved into the financial field.  But, she still has a love of choo-choos!

At almost 35 years of age, having been a “devout atheist” for all of her adult life, she embraced the 12 Step way of life, and found her Higher Power (He wasn’t the one who was lost). Following much service work and yearning to serve not just in a volunteer capacity, but in a fulfilling career, she left the corporate world to attain a Master in Social Work at Fordham University. After working in the social work field for about two years, she started her own business combining her social service training with the technology field to help empower others. Visit The Computer Spirit to learn more about this unique combination.

In mid-2012, Websites and Coffee was born to offer support to folks who want to take charge of the abundant tools and possibilities associated with their WordPress website.  That website focuses on interactive, hands-on workshops to empower you to create and control your own WordPress website.

Joyce is most joyful when she is singing – it’s like prayer for her – alone, or connecting with other souls at hootenannys or other gatherings she is fond of organizing. Spiritually-focused literature is her favorite reading material, although from time-to-time she can still be found hanging out reading The New York Times online, as well as alternative news sources. Meeting people and being of service to others is her passion, filling her soul as she serves as one of Spirit’s emissaries.


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