Keeping an Eye Out

Dear God, I am grateful for many things in my life. Please help me to be aware of and focus on all of the synchronicity and positive things that I encounter each day. Let me be mindful of others who might be in pain or who concentrate on the negative and offer prayers or words of encouragement to help them see beyond the illusion. Amen.

Coming upon the aforementioned prayer this morning was synchronistic itself! It is from the website of Christel Nani, a medical intuitive.

Weeks ago, a friend forwarded Christel’s September article on Energetic Patterns of Breast Cancer. I read it just this morning, was led to check out Christel’s site, and found her prayer list page. This was the prayer for this week.

It had meaning for me – synchronicity is ‘in the eye of the beholder’ – because the topic of last week’s Gilbert Spirituality meeting was synchronicity, I’ve been writing about synchronicity in this blog, and now, this day, I “just so happen” to read the old email that led me to a weekly prayer that “just so happen” to be on synchronicity – that’s how it works!

I am grateful for another occurrence of synchronicity and to be reminded to keep an eye out for it throughout my day, which means keeping a lookout for God.

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