Mission Accomplished

I have been blogging for eleven days now.

Originally, I thought I had to write at the crack of dawn and have it be a part of my morning practice.

But the other day when a wrench was thrown into my morning routine, blogging had to wait. And wait. And wait. I felt pressure to get something written before going to bed that night, feeling that I simply could not not enter anything. So I took the time to write. Of course it wasn’t about having to write as it was to consciously connect with Spirit. And, I did – mission accomplished.

The next day I wasn’t quite sure what to blog about but it turned out that my early morning dream was clearly about Spirit and hence, worthy of my blog. I put further thought into what the meaning of my dream meant in the context of my everyday so-called waking life, and blogged about it. I felt the increased nearness of Spirit – mission accomplished.

Yesterday, I simply inserted a prayer for the day’s entry – but not before I read it thoroughly and thought about its message, drawing me closer to Spirit – mission accomplished.

I can still be so boxed in with old ways of thinking. Now it is clear that the main purpose of my blogging – to connect more often and increasingly deeper with Spirit – can be achieved no matter what the time of day, no matter the form of the content.

Any time I blog, is one more time in my day in which I am pausing, contemplating, and more conscious of Spirit. It’s not about the doing: it’s about the being with Spirit. Mission accomplished.

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