“… Only God knows what each of us needs to experience and learn. If we insist on seeing things happen our way, we’re not trusting God’s plan for us. A loving God will see that our needs are supplied without instructions from us.” – In God’s Care, June 19

After 582 daily posts – that’s more than 1½ years – I did not blog yesterday… or the day before. And, that’s okay. In fact, I see that it’s time to make a change, to move on. A new chapter has started in my spiritual life. I no longer need this portion of my spiritual practice and can perhaps make an opening for something new. I can trust God to show me other ways to feel Its Presence each day, each moment.

I started writing this blog November 13, 2008 to jumpstart my daily spiritual practice which had been waning. Guidance said it was a way to help me be in fit spiritual condition and to be of service to others. And it has been that – and more.

I’ve enjoyed writing regularly and developing a style. It’s been a journal at times of events that I was able to easily share with people in my life by sending them a link to a particular daily post. It’s been a way to publicly acknowledge and express gratitude for the people and lessons in my life. It’s been a commitment I’ve kept, showing me my perseverance. On and on the gifts go.

I will continue blogging, less than by routine and more by intuition and inspiration. After all, that is more and more of how I’m living my life these days. It will be a reflection of that change.

And who knows, I might land up blogging everyday as Spirit calls to me. In any case, I am confident and I trust that God will supply me with what I need to stay connected to the Beloved Presence and with whatever I need to experience, learn, and wake up.


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